Car Battery Sale

Motorcraft Auto Battery

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter with a failing Car Battery.  The Gresham Quick Lane has you covered with a Car Battery Sale that won’t break the bank.

How to tell if your Car Battery is Failing

You should think about replacing your car battery if:

  • Your engine is slow to start and sluggishly cranks when you turn the key over.
  • If your check engine light illuminates, it may be your battery
  • If your car battery appears swollen or bloated
  • If your car battery is really old

If you are already stuck with a car that won’t start, here are a few signs it may be your battery

  • Your engine cranks but refuses to actually start
  • Or if there is no crank, no lights and it refuses to start
  • If you’ve already jumped it multiple times

If your car started fine yesterday and now there is no sign of life, here are a few things you can easily check yourself.

  • Check your battery cables and posts.
  • Are they secure?  There should be no wiggle room.
  • Are your cables frayed or falling apart?
  • Is there a bunch of gunk on the terminals?

Any of these can be the culprit keeping you from getting on your way.  No worries.  Gresham Quick Lane can get you on your way fast with FREE complimentary Battery Testing so you know for sure the status of your car battery.  If you are in need of a new one, installation is always included and right now all car batteries are on sale!


The Gresham Quick Lane is located at 1999 East Powell Blvd in Gresham and is OPEN weekdays 7 am to 10 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 4 pm for your convenience.  No appointment is ever needed but if you would like to schedule one please contact us at 503-489-1621.


Snow Tire Mount and Balance Special at the Gresham Quick Lane

$39.95 Snow Tire

Mount and Balance Special

Snow Tires for Sale in Gresham

Starting Wednesday November 1st, it is legal to install and use studded snow tires in Oregon.  If you already have snow tires and just need to have them mounted to your current wheels and balanced – this special is for you.

You never need an appointment at the Gresham Quick Lane.  Our certified and trained automotive technicians are speedy and work while you relax in our remodeled waiting room with fast wi-fi, complimentary coffee and popcorn.  For your convenience, the Gresham Quick Lane is OPEN until 10 pm weekdays and Open Saturday 8am to 4pm.

If you don’t own Snow Tires and are asking yourself

“Do I really need Snow Tires?”

here are some things to consider.

Snow Tires are usually recommended when you drive in snow, ice, or freezing rain conditions.  If you shelter in place with the Oregon Winter storms then you most likely will not need snow tires.  However, if you need to make the trek into work no matter what the weather, you will most likely want snow tires to help keep you and your family safe this winter.

The Oregonian recently reported that we should expect an encore performance of last year’s winter experience.  The American Meteorological Society is estimating five snow events for the Portland Metro area this Winter with accumulation.  If you’re looking for someone to blame, her name is La Nina.  Her cold ocean temperatures create lower than usual low land temperatures providing the uncharacteristically messy winter we had last year.

The good news is that Skiers and Snowboards will enjoy a season full of the white stuff.

If you still have questions about your Snow Tire options please reach out to one of the Gresham Quick Lane Service Advisers at 503-489-1621 or stop by 1999 East Powell Blvd. Gresham OR 97080.



Quick Lane and Tire Center Coupons


Tire Special at the Gresham Quick Lane

Finanancing Available

No one looks forward to the day that they realize they need new tires for their vehicle.  The Gresham Quick Lane understands and we try our hardest to make it as painless as possible.  Right now when you buy four select tires from one of our top name brands you can get up to $140 in rebates when you use a Quick Lane Credit Card.  Right now the Quick Lane Credit Card offers 12 months no interest.  Learn More about the Quick Lane Credit Card.

Low Price Tire Guarantee

The Gresham Quick Lane will not be undersold.  We match and beat tire prices from all the names you know like: Costco, Les Schwab, Walmart and others.  Just bring in the price and we will match and or beat the same price on the same tire.  We provide the same service and warranties as all the other Tire Shops in Gresham.  The Gresham Quick Lane wants to be your Tire Center of choice.  You never need an appointment and we stay open until 10pm every week night for your convenience.

On these name brands: Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli,® Hankook, Yokohama® and Bridgestone.  *Quick Lane®-installed retail purchases only. Limit one redemption per customer. $70 tire rebate includes Michelin.® $70 tire rebate and $70 credit card rebate by prepaid debit card. Offer valid 10/01/17 to 12/31/17.Submit rebate by 1/31/18 by mail-in rebate form or online at Cannot be combined with any other tire manufacturer-sponsored or Quick Lane Credit Card rebate/offer. Quick Lane is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. See Quick Lane® Service Advisor for vehicle applications, rebate and account details. Offer valid with coupon. Offer expires December 31st 2017.

Get an Oil Change and Inspection

Gresham Quick Lane Mechanic

You car is one of your largest investments and regularly getting a Oil Change is vitally important to its health.


Oil Change FAQs

When To Change Your Oil

When you first purchase your vehicle, it’s a good idea to review the owners manual and pay special attention to the recommended maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle. If you car didn’t come with a manual, don’t fret. Almost all manufacturer post their recommended maintenance schedules online. With newer vehicles many cars, trucks and SUVs can go as long as 5,000 or 7,500 miles between oil changes. If you have an electric or bi-fuel vehicle it may even be 10,000 between service visits. With the significantly reduced frequency of oil change maintenance, it is even more important now to get your vehicle inspected at each oil change. If you have lost track of the time since your last oil change we suggest going sooner than later. Here are Five Signs You Should Change Your Oil:

  • The Oil is dark and gritty – When you check your oil level and white it on a towel; what does your oil look like?
  • Your Car is Louder than it used to be – Oil is vital to your engine running smoothly by providing the lubricant that allows the parts to glide. Without clean oil those parts scrape, grind, rub and generally cause premature wear and damage.
  • If You Can’t Remember the Last Oil Change – Even if you fuel level is good, the oil you do have may not be lubricating your engine properly. If you can’t remember the last time it was changed, it most likely needs to be changed now.
  • Your Check Engine Light is On – Many newer cars have a specific oil light that will go on but for older vehicles the engine light will come on to indicate your engine lubricant really needs attention. A first step would be to check your oil level.
  • Your Oil Level Keeps Dropping – Engines will gradually eat up engine oil but drastic or fast reductions that increase in volume over time are a sign of a larger problem. When you oil level is low remember to check color and consistency as well. You oil may need to be replaced instead of refilled.


Will an Oil Change Help My Gas Mileage?

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your oil and it appears to be clumpy and dirty, it is most definitely harming your fuel economy.   In order for your engine to work efficiently and provide the best gas mileage possible, your oil needs to be free from particulates and maintain the correct viscosity.  The cushion from the oil helps to ensure that your engine isn’t rubbing metal on metal and reducing its efficiency and the overall life of your vehicle.

What is the difference between regular oil and synthetic oil?

Both types of oil begin their lives as crude oil.  Conventional motor oil was developed to provide lubrication at high temperatures in order to protect your car and provide optimal engine performance.  Synthetic motor oil is modified and developed beyond the aspects of convention motor oil.  Many synthetic oils have been scientifically developed to maintain their viscosity longer and better than conventional oils.  One of the advantages to synthetic oil is that it doesn’t breakdown as fast as conventional oils so you can wait longer between oil changes without harming your vehicle.

How much is an Oil Change at the Gresham Quick Lane?

Oil Changes at the Gresham Quick Lane are economical and fast.  If you have a larger engine or diesel truck contact us directly for your best pricing.  These prices are for most passenger cars and light trucks.

Lube Oil & Filter Changes start at $29.95*

Full Synthetic Lube Oil & Filter Changes start at $59.95*

When you visit the Gresham Quick Lane we do our best to make the experience painless and quick.  New customers get Half Off their first oil change too.  And with every service visit you receive a Vehicle Report Card that gives you an update on all your wearable items like: brakes, battery, tires, fluids and more.  This report keeps you up to date with repairs that may be needed in the future so you aren’t caught off guard.

Visit the Gresham Quick Lane weekdays 7a to 10p and Saturdays 8a to 4p.

Brake Repair in Gresham Oregon

Gresham Brake Repair Shop

Quick Lane Vehicle Check UpYour brakes are one of the most important safety systems of any vehicle and need to be maintained.  The Gresham Quick Lane provides a great price with a LIFETIME BRAKE PAD GUARANTEE on all brake replacements.  In fact every time you visit the Quick Lane you are provided with a vehicle report card to help keep you aware of the wear items of your car, like the brakes.


No on likes surprises and we do our best to keep you abreast of the wear items of your car.  If there are multiple repairs needed, our Service Advisers provide you with a priority list detailing what should be done right away to keep you safe and which items can wait.

Machine Rotors – Brake Repair

$125.95 per axle

Brake Pad Replacement with Lifetime Guarantee

$189.95 per axle


We know that you have lots of choices when choosing a Brake Repair Shop and we are willing to work harder to earn your business.  Here’s a short list of why you should choose us:

  • Open until 10 pm weekdays
  • No Appointment Needed
  • Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee
  • Provide Vehicle Health Report Card at every visit

Quick Lane Auto & Tire Center Open Late in Gresham


Visit us at 1999 East Powell in Gresham or call 503-489-1621 for more information.

Quick Lane and Tire Center Coupons

$179.95 Complete Brake Service

Brake Inspection at the Gresham Quick LaneCOMPLETE MOTORCRAFT BRAKE SERVICE

Brake Pads or Shoes

Machining Rotors or Drums

Labor Included

See your Service Advisor for details.  Pricing may vary.  Per axle price based on most vehicles.  Exclusions apply.  Valid at the Quicklane at Gresham Ford.
Offer expires: 08/31/2017
Quick Lane and Tire Center Coupons

$99.95 Motorcraft Tested Tough Plus Batteries

Battery Tester

Includes 84 month warranty, standard.  This is the auto battery you need at the price you want.

See your Service Advisor for details.  With exchange.  Warranty includes FREE towing on Dealer-installed battery.  See your Service Advisor for complete details.  Valid at the Quick Lane at Gresham Ford.
Offer expires: 12/31/2017


Quick Lane and Tire Center Coupons

$25 Mail In Rebate on $250 or More

Quick Lane Credit Card
When you use your Quick Lane Credit Card to make a qualifying purchase of $250 or more.
Subject to credit approval. Rebate valid on qualifying purchase before tax; not valid on prior purchases. Complete purchase must be made on the Quick Lane Credit Card. Offer valid through 3/31/18. Submit rebate by 4/30/18 by mail-in rebate form or online at Limit one $25 mail-in rebate per visit. Rebate by prepaid debit card and cannot be used for payment to the Quick Lane Credit Card. Cannot be combined with other Quick Lane Credit Card offers.
Offer expires: 12/31/2017
Quick Lane and Tire Center Coupons

Bonus Bucks Coupon at the Gresham Quick Lane

You spend $50-$99 and Save $10

You spend $100-$149 and Save $15

You spend $150-$200 and Save $25

You spend $200-$349 and Save $30

You spend $350-$649 and Save $55

You spend $650 & Up and Save $100

Save with our Auto Service Coupons
Valid at the Gresham Quick Lane ONLY.  Cannot be combined with menu pricing, other coupons, other offers, or other discounts.  Some restrictions apply.  Contact a Gresham Quick Lane Service Adviser for more details. Offer expires: 03/31/2018
Quick Lane and Tire Center Coupons